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Batman #35 – VG – June, 1946 featuring Catwoman and Bob Kane art!


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Batman #35 – VG – June, 1946 featuring Catwoman!

Cover by Dick Sprang. “Nine Lives has the Catwoman!”, script by Bill Finger, pencils by Bob Kane, inks by Ray Burnley; Catwoman arrives at the state women’s prison and uses her catseye on her guard to make her escape; However, when she returns to her digs and attempts to put her gang back together, most want no part of her since Batman always defeats her. “Dinosaur Island!”, script by Bill Finger, pencils by Paul Cooper, inks by Ray Burnley; Batman and Robin are challenged to a game of “Touch Hunt” on famed Dinosaur Island in return for a gift to charity in the amount of $5000. “Storm Incident” text story by Stan Carter. 2-page The Rascals story by Phil Berube. “Dick Grayson, Author!”, pencils by Dick Sprang (layouts) and Paul Cooper, inks by Ray Burnley; Dick, interested in comic magazines, accompanies Bruce to the offices of the editor of Crescent Comics, and is invited to write a script; However, ideas do not come easy and is superseded by a case involving ex-con Big Ed Conroy. 52 pgs., full color. $0.10. Cover price $0.10.


At the Gotham’s Women Prison arrives Catwoman, but in less than a few days she manages to escape. Catwoman tries to gather her old gang back, but her former henchmen won’t side with her for fear of being captured by Batman. Catwoman then prepares a trick to impress the thugs, making them believe that she has nine lives, like the legend says about cats and after the demonstration, Catwoman gets her gang back and she starts preparing a new secret hideout: the Cat-acombs.

On her first crime Catwoman tries to steal using a zeppelin, but Batman and Robin locate her and in the ensuing fight, Catwoman falls from the blimp and she is presummed dead. However, she lands on a river and making her way to the city, she starts a crime spree, risking her life at every turn, but succesfully stealing all the loot.Batman and Robin track Catwoman down to her secret hideout, which is located on a cavern system on the outskirts of the city. Once inside, Catwoman traps Batman and Robin on a gigantic maze, while she and her gang go out to commit more crimes. Batman and Robin find the exit of the maze using their Batropes and the capes from their suit and once in Catwoman’s main room at her base of operations, they learn about her next move. The Dynamic Duo move fast to capture Catwoman, but the cunning thief tries a desperate move and she pretends to drive a tractor away from the danger zone, but in her haste she crashes against a boulder that causes the vehicle to lose stability and she falls to a chasm to her apparent death. However, Batman is suspicious about Catwoman’s actual death.

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