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Charles Schultz – Peanuts – Louvre Poster closeup

Charles M. Schulz at the Louvre – Limited Edition PEANUTS Poster

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This is a very rare opportunity to get this truly limited PEANUTS collectible!

The year 1990 marked the 40th anniversary of “Peanuts.” To honor Charles M. Schulz (known to many as Sparky) and the Peanuts gang at this special time, an exhibit at the Louvre museum (in Paris) was created called “Snoopy in Fashion.” It featured 300 Snoopy and BELLE plush dolls dressed in fashions created by more than 15 world famous designers.

Here’s a photo of Sparky at the event at the Louvre.

This exhibit marked the <strong>only time that an American comic strip artist was honored with a retrospective at the Louvre</strong> and was a smash hit. It is considered one of the major milestones of Sparky’s career.

The poster features Sparky himself along with your favorite Peanuts characters. It is 25 inches by 38 inches.

Please note that the poster is in great condition and is unframed. It has been lying in cool, dark storage since 1990.

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