Frank Cho’s Jungle Girl v2 #3 – Page 3 – Original Art by Adriano Batista!


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Frank Cho’s Jungle Girl v2 #3 – Page 3 – Original Art by Adriano Batista!
(11×17″ original art, comic book not included)

Adriano Batista is a Brazilian comics artist, concept artist and illustrator. His largest amount of work has been with various Dynamite Entertainment projects. He worked with Garth Ennis to create the series Jennifer Blood where he was the concept artist and original series artist. He also worked with Frank Cho on the series Jungle Girl where he was original concept artist for most of the characters in that title as well as the regular series artist.

Jungle Girl v2 #3, Dynamite Entertainment

Cover by Frank Cho. by Doug Murray & Frank Cho, Adriano Batista, & Frank Martin Dynamite proudly presents Frank Cho’s Jungle Girl! Co-plotted and overseen by Frank Cho, scripted by Doug Murray and crafted by Adriano Batista and Frank Martin, the Jungle Girl is destined to be the Dynamite series of 2007! Continuing from the best-selling issue #0, Jana the Jungle Girl races to save a group of intruders into this strange land – a world filled with dinosaurs, prehistoric men, and a thousand dangers! Each issue reveals more clues about the nature of Jana, and of the island itself, with each thrilling twist and turn overseen by Frank Cho, along with Doug Murray and artist Adriano Batista! Cover price $2.99.

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