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Guardians Of The Galaxy #1
Guardians Of The Galaxy #1

Guardians of the Galaxy #1 (1990 1st Series) NM- First issue in their own series!

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Quest for the Shield: Part 1 of 6 – “Guardians of the Galaxy!”

Written by Jim Valentino. Art by Jim Valentino and Steve Montano.

Charlie 27 is a fifth generation militia-man and the sole survivor of Earth’s Jupiter colony. Martinex, last survivor of Earth’s colony on Pluto, can manipulate fire and ice and is the team’s reluctant leader. Nikki, last survivor of Earth’s Mercury colony, has super human agility and a fiery attitude to match. Major Vance Astro, first Earthman to the stars, is the last survivor of the 20th Century and the master of the mutant power of psychokinesis. Yondu, last son of Earth’s only extra-stellar colony, Centauri IV, is a primitive mystic and weapons master. Aleta is the mistress of light. Starhawk, enigmatic mutant from the planet Arcturus, wields the power of light and shares his physical being with Aleta. He is “The One Who Knows.” They are seven extraordinary super-beings, all survivors of interstellar war. Now they roam the cosmos of the 31st Century aboard the starship Captain America. Their mission – to safeguard the Milky Way!

NOTE: For early adventures with the Guardians check out Marvel Presents (1975 Marvel) #3-12, Thor (19662-96) Annual #6, and Avengers: The Korvac Saga HC (2010). Plus, Vance Astro is the future counterpart to the member of the New Warriors and future Avenger Marvel Boy/Justice.

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